How Do You Test a Truly Canadian Battery? In a Truck Made of Ice

Doesn't get much cooler than this

This is the coolest promotion we've seen in a while. Ice cold, in fact.

To prove that Canadian Tire's MotoMaster Eliminator Battery would start under any conditions, the company and agency Taxi decided to freeze the battery to -40 degrees and then, most impressively, install it in a custom truck built almost entirely out of ice.

That's right, they built an actual truck out of 15,000 pounds of ice. They then drove the ice truck for 1.5 kilometers. Read below for several more incredible videos from the project, including behind-the-scenes footage, a recap of its brief drive and a hypnotic time-lapse of the whole thing melting.


Client: Canadian Tire

Project: MotoMaster Eliminator | Ice Truck

Senior Vice President, Marketing: T.J. Flood

Vice President, Marketing: Susan O’Brien

Assistant Vice President, Marketing: Andrew Barrett

Marketing Manager: Chris Lee

Associate Marketing Manager: Natalia Paruzel-Gibson

Creative Agency | Commercial

Taxi Canada

Executive Creative Director: Darren Clarke

Creative Director: Irfan Khan

Senior Art Director: Colin Brown

Copywriter: Rene Bhavnani

Art Director: Michael Siegers

Head of Production: Cynthia Heyd

Senior Producer: Sarah Moen

Account Team: Lesley Rivard, Trevor Byrne, Michael Strasser, Rebecca Hazell

Behind-the-Scenes Documentary

Director: Nadia Tan

Executive Director: Ian Buck

Associate Producer: Samantha Hall

Cinematographer: Colin Akoon

Camera Assistant: Howard Shefman

Music: Dan Griffin

Editor: Chris Murphy

Assistant Editor: Michael Barker

Postproduction Facility: Relish

Postproduction, Executive Producer: Sally Leggett

Location, Post Sound Facility: Toronto Sound

Colour Correction Facility: Notch

Color Correction: Jason Zukowksi

Colour Correction, Executive Producer: Wendy Linton

Melt Video

Cinematographer, Editor: Ryan Emond

Grip 1: Daniel Baldwin

Grip 2: Kenneth Vinyaratn

Mini World Record

Editing: Happy Creations

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