How 73 FCB Offices Made 1,440 Minute-Long Ads for One Gaming Campaign

Each clip provides a reason to play

A single ad campaign with 1,440 pieces of unique content, one for every minute of the day? Hey, that sounds, well, exhausting. And unwieldy. And profoundly disturbing.

Regardless, FCB Happiness just launched a snappy hub, Why It’s Okay to Play, loaded with 1,440 minute-long videos that run in sync with local time worldwide.

The clips promote Slotomania, a leading provider of mobile Las Vegas-style slot action (though there’s no actual wagering). The films feature 1,440 fun facts about specific times of day, offering lighthearted reasons for playing Slotomania at that exact moment.

Why should you play at 2:36 a.m.? That’s when most folks spot UFOs. But you can avoid potentially unpleasant extraterrestrial encounters by wasting time—er, chilling out—with Slotomania instead:

Sharks tend to be really active at 7:11 a.m., we’re told, so diving into Slotomania probably beats diving an early-morning dip:

Why play at 3:14 p.m.? Well, it’s all about cherry pie, or maybe Pi (3.14159 etc.):

Next, we learn that 1:40 a.m. is “an internationally lonely minute,” so playing Slotomania will help drive off those pre-dawn blues:

12:21 p.m. is, apparently, “the international minute of the palindrome.” Wow! Time to hit the online slots:

Research showed that “people tend to feel a bit guilty when playing a mobile game while taking me-time,” says FCB Happiness creative chief Geoffrey Hantson. “They think it might be perceived as unproductive, compared to reading a book or going for a walk. So, we decided to take on that feeling of guilt head on.”

Working intensively for eight weeks, FCB marshaled talent from 73 offices across its global network to build the campaign. All told, 142 copywriters, 37 creative directors, 14 creative chiefs and 30 editors worked on the initiative. Nearly 6,200 stock clips were generated based on keywords in the scripts. It took 320 hours to record the narrations.

Phew! And all those people-hours couldn’t possibly have been spent in any other more meaningful way imaginable.

Obviously, some of the (so, so many!) installments work better than others. The ones we sampled were amusing in a self-consciously nonsensical way. Some of the “It’s-time-to-play-because” set-ups seemed forced, but maybe that’s part of the joke.

Of course, this weighty enterprise works best as a PR platform to generate coverage and spread the Slotomania name, rather than as a proper campaign in its own right. Still, it can be sheer hell to sell through a single minute-long ad, and FCB managed to get 1,440 up and running, so major back-pats there.

“The mere fact that the first edit of every film was automated, done by a machine—you never really knew what to expect,” Hantson says. “You never really knew which image the system would link to a keyword out of the script. I remember that one of the films contains the sentence ‘There are more nipples in the world then people.’ After reviewing few hundreds of scripts, I remember that we had a good laugh with that one in the middle of the night. However, I don’t remember in which minute the sentence was featured. Looks like you will have to check them all!”

Pfft, dude, who’s got time for that?

Here’s a campaign case-study that mercifully clocks in at just two minutes:

• Playtika / Client
Ofer Kinberg General Manager
Mattan Levin Marketing & Monetization Vicepresident
Mickey Sonnino Director of Monetization
Sharon Tzvielli Marketing Manager
Eyal Argon Marketing Relations Director
Or Reznitsky Acquisition Vicepresident

• Happiness Brussels, an FCB alliance
Karen Corrigan Chief Executive Officer
Geoffrey Hantson Chief Creative Officer
Kris Hoet Chief Innovation Officer
Elke Janssens Managing Director
Hans Smets Group Account Director
Marlen Fernandez Pando Account Executive
Niels Sienaert Creative Director
Tim Schoenmaeckers Creative Director
Pieter Claeys Concept Provider
Barbara Dzikanowice Creative Content Director
Eline Goethals Strategic Planner
Tuyet Hoang Digital Producer
Dries Lauwers Graphic Designer
Frederik Draulans Senior Graphic Designer
Remke Faber Motion Designer
Seth Michielsen Motion Designer

• BLISS Interactive
Thomas Colliers Head of Technology
Dinh Tran Website Developer

• Playtika
Maayan Kalfus Creative Team Leader
Kira Tovarovsky Marketing Specialist
Amir Kwiat Director of Marketing
Ella Vidra IT Operations Director
Andrii Skip IT Operations

Sebastien Desclee International Markets & Affiliates President
Susan Credle Global Chief Creative Officer
Luis Diaz International Chief Creative Officer
Humberto Polar Chief Creative Officer Mexico
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna Chief Creative Officer Canada
Jonathan Deeb Chief Creative Officer South Africa
Ahmed Tilly Chief Creative Officer South Africa
Al Young Chief Creative Officer United Kingdom
James Mok Chief Creative Officer Asia Pacific
Rich Levy Chief Creative Officer Health
Ari Halper Chief Creative Officer New York
Karin Onsager-Birch Chief Creative Officer San Francisco
Liz Taylor Chief Creative Officer Chicago
Joanna Monteiro Chief Creative Officer Brazil
Maria Caetano International Creative Service Manager
Kynda Love Global Creative Services Manager
David Garcia Executive Office Coordinator
Mary Day Editorial Director

• Fuelcontent
Simon Spreckley Executive Creative Director
Nikki-leigh Piper Executive Producer
Steve Lewis 3D & Motion Design
Dillan Fuller Head of Motion
Lawrence Jaeger 3D & Motion Design
Brendon Cahill Head of Craft
Matthew Stephen Senior Generalist
Chad Rutter Motion Designer
Dirk Tiffin Motion Designer
Phillippe Fowler Technical Director
Johann Fitschen Back-End Developer
Simon Nicholson Senior Designer
Tony Snoek Video Editor
Max Murray Video Editor
Matthew Furnell Video Editor
Danielle See Video Editor
Gavin Langley Video Editor
Phill Keong Video Editor
Vuyo Serote Video Editor
Hendre van der Walt Video Editor
Vanessa Borthwick Creative Production
Beverly Toweett Production Manager
Sandi Joseph Production Co-Ordinator
Lucille Kemp Copywriter

• Little Big Productions
Beau Lijnes Video Editor
Candice Wainwright Video Editor
Christopher List Video Editor
Dale Ontong Video Editor
Edwin de Swardt Video Editor
Gordon Bakkes Video Editor
Henk Coetzee Video Editor
Janine van Schoor Video Editor
Jules Booysen Video Editor
Lorien Byrne Video Editor
Luke Housdon Video Editor
Luke Bolus Video Editor
Nathan Fourie Video Editor
Scott Bridge Video Editor
Vanessa Carrara Producer
Khosi Khumalo Producer
Michelle Nel Producer
Sean Potgieter Proofreader
Melissa Burke Proofreader
Pandora Maphumulo Proofreader
Kamo Masizane Proofreader

• Thoopid 3D Modelling & Animation

• Bioscope Films
Hylton Tannenbaum Video Production Director
Daniel Kaplan Executive Producer

• The Music Works Sound
• We Love Jam Sound

• Red Leather
Craig Ross Voice Over Artist
Alan Glass Voice Over Artist
Bianca Flanders Voice Over Artist
Emily Whitefield Voice Over Artist

• KooKooRuza Animation and Voice Over
• Getty Images Stock Footage

• Happiness Brussels, an FCB alliance
Flavio Pantigoso copywriter
Daniel Sacroisky copywriter
Niels Sienaert copywriter
Pieter Claeys copywriter
Tim Schoenmaeckers copywriter
Fien Foubert copywriter
Hanna De Conink copywriter
Roxane Schneider copywriter
Barbara Dzikanowice copywriter
Stephane Opdenbosch copywriter
Michel Simos copywriter
Tadas Maksimovas copywriter
Paul Busschau copywriter
Bart Van Gils copywriter
Pieter Van Schil copywriter
Lennert Vedts clip editor
Miki Beddeleem clip editor
Robbie Cap clip editor
Chris Goossens clip editor
Flora Hellemons clip editor
Emilie Buyse clip editor
Gabriela Gonzalez clip editor
Patrick Eckel clip editor

Ian Mackenzie Creative Director Canada
Kelly Michaelov Creative Director Toronto
Michael Okun Creative Director Germany
Lulo Calio Creative Director Argentina
Marina Pinto Barbosa Creative Director Portugal
Veljko Goluboric Creative Director Serbia
Mahendra Bhagat Creative Director Bangalore
Ajeet Shukla Creative Director Mumbai
Ravi Shanker Creative Director Indonesia
Robby Mathew Creative Director Interface
Shiping Ong Creative Director Malaysia
Jake Tesoro Creative Director Philippines
Taejay Lee Creative Director South Korea
Pedro Soler Creative Director Spain
Eva Filippidou Creative Director Greece
Yiannis Barboutis Creative Director Greece
Fabio Teodori Creative Director Italy
Massimo van der Plas Creative Director Netherlands
Claudiu Dobrita Creative Director Romania
Daniele Pancetti Creative Director Russia
Salvador Luca Creative Director Chile
Cesar Salazar Creative Director Colombia
Mike Alfonseca Creative Director Dominican Republic
Diego Deon Creative Director El Salvador
Alvaro Martinez Creative Director Paraguay
Fiorella Frascheri Creative Director Uruguay
Exequiel Rodriguez Creative Director RG2
Diego Lanzi Creative Director Guatemala
Agnieszka Klimczak Creative Director Poland
Andy Lusti Creative Director Zwitzerland
Sodsoi Chomthavat Creative Director Thailand
Jordan Litaj Creative Director Slovenia
Yanis Ayouch Creative Director Mauritius
Joa Pedro Flores Creative Director Dubai
Victor Bertrand Creative Director Honduras
Nayef Mujaes Creative Director Riyadh
Richard Halabi Creative Director Kuwait
Abby McBeth copywriter
Adam Repp copywriter
Adrianna B. Casuga copywriter
Alex Adati copywriter
Alexandru Rosca copywriter
Alfredo Negri copywriter
Alvin Ng copywriter
Ameia “Micia” Roxas copywriter
Ana Noriega copywriter
Andre Focke copywriter
Andrea Cartategui copywriter
Andreas Kurhan copywriter
Anna Maria Paleocrassas copywriter
Anna Obraztsova copywriter
Anna Weigl copywriter
Antonis Pantazis copywriter
Arantxa Fuente copywriter
Archontoula Xanthopoulou copywriter
Ariel Gonzalez copywriter
Axel Wohlers copywriter
Ayoub Choukri copywriter
Bernhard Labitzke copywriter
Bozidar Cvetkovic copywriter
Bruno Ponzoni copywriter
Christian Acevedo copywriter
Christian leoni copywriter
Christoph Nann copywriter
Cinthya Betancour copywriter
Daniela Zalzman copywriter
Diana Nica copywriter
Diego Nunez copywriter
Dimitri Hubregtse copywriter
Dionie Tanada copywriter
Domink Bri_llisauer copywriter
Eileen Woo copywriter
Esteban McLean copywriter
Eunhea Kim copywriter
Fabio Martinez copywriter
Federico Macko copywriter
Federico Stuht copywriter
Fernando Solorzano copywriter
Fero Haizal copywriter
Florian Hofmaier copywriter
Franck Marciano copywriter
Frank Fusco copywriter
Gianluca Belmonte copywriter
Hanh Thao Tran Dang copywriter
Irina Tanase copywriter
Ivana Strukelj copywriter
Jackie Soldano copywriter
Jairo Guerrero copywriter
James Ly copywriter
Jason Ip copywriter
Jayshree Viswanathan / Chelsey Redshaw copywriter
Jenn Berkelmans copywriter
Jennifer Gabell copywriter
Jessica Everson copywriter
Jorge Saade copywriter
Joseph Vernuccio copywriter
Juan Rojas copywriter
Juan Sebastian Jimenez copywriter
Jules Cabigon copywriter
junior rosario copywriter
Justin Chen copywriter
Kartik Dey copywriter
Katerina Geraniou copywriter
Kelsang Gope copywriter
Kristina Panova copywriter
Krizia Mucino copywriter
Krystle Mullin copywriter
Kutaiba Kabbani copywriter
Laura De Santis copywriter
Leodegario Torres copywriter
Lev Smirnov copywriter
Lindsay Eady copywriter
Luis Duran copywriter
Manuel Garay copywriter
Marcelino Madriz copywriter
Martha Lees copywriter
Matt Everts copywriter
McCamie Cole copywriter
Melissa Rangel copywriter
Michael Okun copywriter
Michele Vicari copywriter
Mika Avila copywriter
Minh Le copywriter
Mitchell Crowe copywriter
Monserrat Camarillo copywriter
Morgan Wroot copywriter
Nick Bristow copywriter
Nick Stoner copywriter
Nihad Nour copywriter
Noel Fenn copywriter
Nollye Diaz Rodas copywriter
Nuria Lacalle copywriter
Olga Viejo copywriter
Olivia Spanu copywriter
Onsiri Thanibutra copywriter
Pablo Sanchez copywriter
Paola Garces copywriter
Patricia Biea copywriter
Pedro Garcia copywriter
Pete Gardiner copywriter
Piyali Shanker copywriter
Quods Ouaissi copywriter
Radu Constantinescu copywriter
Ravi Costa copywriter
Ricardo Gomez copywriter
Rolf Bais copywriter
Sebastian Jimenez copywriter
Shilpa Sinha copywriter
Slobodan Vujanovic copywriter
Sridhar Rajagopalan copywriter
Stephanie Khalil copywriter
Tadeo Herni?ndez copywriter
Thinh Nguyen copywriter
Thinh Truong copywriter
Tiago Carvalho copywriter
Timothy Paradise copywriter
Tuan Phan copywriter
Ursula de la Sotta copywriter
Vaishali Jain copywriter
Vicente Pinheiro Melo copywriter
Victor Afonso copywriter
Viet Ta Trong copywriter
Wonhee Jeong copywriter
Wouter Kampman copywriter
Zachary Richman copywriter
Zhanna Makarova copywriter

@DaveGian David Gianatasio is a longtime contributor to Adweek, where he has been a writer and editor for two decades. Previously serving as Adweek's New England bureau chief and web editor, he remains based in Boston.