’s ‘Winter Swear Jar’ Turns Obscene Tweets About the Weather Into Cash for Vacations

Shit yeah, JWT!

Curses! Canadian winters are so bitterly cold and snowy! What the hell can frost-fatigued, wind-weary, drift-dodging Canucks do to get some relief?

Well, damn! Now, they can check out the “Winter Swear Jar” from

The social media push from J. Walter Thompson Canada helps turn people’s profane tweets about icy, inclement weather into money so they can book vacations in milder climes.

“We are monitoring Canadian tweets and filtering them for certain keywords,” such as snow, shoveling and slush, along with obscenity-laced expressions of seasonal exasperation and fatigue, associate creative director Denise Cole tells AdFreak. “We are aggregating the frustration Canadians are having with winter in a fun way.”

Each approved tweet adds a quarter to the campaign’s virtual swear jar, and every time the jar fills up with change, a Canadian wins a $1,000 gift card that can be used for booking a getaway.

“Social media provides us with the most culturally relevant environment to engage our consumer beyond a more traditional one-way dialogue,” says Laurent Abesdris, also an associate cd at JWT. “We plan to measure the shift in brand sentiment over the course of the campaign.”

Shit, this goofy video explains the whole thing:

What, no shirtless Justin Trudeau? That would have warmed things up nicely.

Anyway, those $1,000 prizes can be used for booking accommodations almost anywhere, including balmy Lexington, Ky., home of creative director Whit Hiler and his Cornett agency. Hiler, the brains behind another notably jarring promotion from a while back, gives the Winter Swear Jar his seal of approval.

“That’s pretty damn funny,” he says. “It’s not as funny as the buzzword jar, but it’s funny.”

So, come on, Canadians. Unleash those angry, anguished, obscenity-laced tweets about the slush and ice and falling temperatures (which look even worse on the Celsius scale). What the fuck are you waiting for?

Project Name: Swear Jar
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Ryan Spelliscy
Associate Creative Directors: Denise Cole & Laurent Abesdris
Art Director: Jose Rivas
Copywriter: Kyla Galloway
Brand Engagement Director: Victoria Radziunas
Digital and Social Strategy Director: Adam Ferraro
Community Management and Influencer Relations: Jolie Featherstone, Rannie Turingan
VP, Integrated Broadcast: Andrew Schulze
Senior Project Manager: Joanne Sincich
Account Team: Darrell Hurst, Chitty Krishnappa
Client Team: Melissa Postier, Mike Wolfe, Josh Belkin
Vice President, Digital: Kawal Singh
Senior Developer: Niall Flynn
Executive Director, Digital and Agency Technology: Kawal Singh
Group Technical Director: Kevin Tam
Group Director – User Experience: Stuart Thom
Production Company: Sauce
Post-Production: Think Tank, Alter Ego
Editing House: Saints
Audio House: TA2
Media Agency: MEC

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@DaveGian David Gianatasio is a longtime contributor to Adweek, where he has been a writer and editor for two decades. Previously serving as Adweek's New England bureau chief and web editor, he remains based in Boston.