Hot Young Singles, Penis Enlargement Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be

There are scams on the Internet? Whoa, when did that happen!? Ad agency TDA highlights three iconic cons in amusing new spots that position Webroot's security software as a solution. In "Average-Sized," a guy laments, "I never should've clicked on that link. It promised to unlock the secret of male enhancement. … All it did was brag to my entire friend list that I had found a cure for the average male, and that they should try it too." A second spot focuses on "Hot Young Singles," in this case, three babes who really do want to connect with men online, but can't because everyone presumes their links are scams. And "Nigeria" offers a faux official who vows to "reclaim my country's good name" and gives a basic civics lesson: "We do not have a prince—no prince—we are not even a monarchy." He adds, "You send me cash, I send you a check? Come on!" The work's not riotously funny, but that's a good thing, because the laid-back approach keeps the content from overpowering the message. Also, the brand forges an immediate connection with viewers because the examples are universally recognizable. My inbox is constantly clogged with "Boost Your Size" emails. Strange how they're always from my wife. Two more ads after the jump.