Hot women fix the world in Italian jeans ads


Those wacky Italians. First, they mix drinking and driving for Skoda cars. Now, they toss together political themes, surreal imagery, lots of scantily clad hotties and one denim-wearing doofus in a campaign for Meltin'Pot jeans and apparel. See the three ads here, by ad agency Armando Testa in Turin. Some of the women appear to be nurses who travel around in a futuristic ambulance-train. If they show up when you call 911, then you've got an emergency. Others wear pig masks and garters as pig-money falls from the sky. How liberating! A bunch of them live in a big condo and pose in their underwear for the pizza guy. He's going to need more than 30 minutes. His clothes don't look so special, so it's probably wise to distract readers from the product as much as possible. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio