Hot Wheels Breaks Corkscrew Jump Record in Latest Crazy Stunt

Brent Fletcher lands it without breaking his neck

It's kind of amusing that Hot Wheels, a toy company, keeps breaking all sorts of life-size automotive stunt records. In its latest gravity-defying accomplishment, the brand (assisted by Venice, Calif., ad agency Mistress) sent driver Brent Fletcher careening into a corkscrew jump in his Hot Wheels buggy—and he manages to land it, barely, after a world-record-setting 92 feet. In a way, Hot Wheels is the perfect brand to be doing this stuff. Stunt jumping, at its core, is a pretty childish pursuit—a celebration of irresponsibility. Real car companies don't really want to be doing stuff that's this stupidly dangerous. (Well, except for BMW Canada.) Having said that, it's undeniably entertaining—this new clip has 2 million views in a week. And the brand's use of what look like overgrown orange Hot Wheels tracks only adds to the cartoony sense of adventure. Hopefully they'll keep landing these jumps. One bad accident, and it won't seem quite as much like child's play. Making-of video after the jump.