Hot mamas, it’s your time to shine

Mom I assume the powers that be here at AdFreak want me to keep this respectable, so I’ll try not to link to any sites specializing in MILFs. But it’s hard not to think of the term when you read about Hottest Mom in America—the upcoming reality show and current contest to find its cast. (The site is safe for work, although the British voice asking “Are you a hot mom?” over and over is annoying.) The contest, which will eventually entitle the winner to $50,000 in prizes and all the wrinkle-reducing injections she wants, actually seems pretty tame, although selective editing can make it look somewhat salacious. (To wit, you may be asked to remove your clothing and will be required to make a Web video attesting to your hotness.) Still, there certainly is plenty of interest in the show. AdFreaker moms, apply at your own risk. One thing’s for sure: There won’t be a shortage of advertisers willing to pick up on the theme. Maybe this old Xenadrine ad will get a second life.

—Posted by Aaron Baar