Horrifying trend? Or parenting opportunity?

A new study says that preschoolers have been brainwashed by
to prefer the taste of food wrapped in McDonald’s packaging.
Chicken nuggets, milk and even carrots tasted better to the children if they
were emblazoned with the Golden Arches, when compared to the same food in
unmarked wrappers. Scary? Sure. A disturbing testament to the power of a
marketing behemoth? Absolutely. But what about the bright side? Now parents
know they can print a McDonald’s logo onto some wax paper and use it to wrap up
a salad, a few broccoli florets and an herb-roasted chicken breast. Hey, if I
have to choose between hoping for that unlikely scenario or giving up on
society altogether, can you blame me for picking the former? (Photo by The Food Pornographer, whose image gallery might also help discourage a steady diet of McFood.)