Hormel stews over Campbell’s Chunky soup

What’s the difference between soup and stew? Who cares? Either way, it’s still food’s absolute last chance to be eaten. Not content with that answer, Hormel is suing Campbell’s for “misrepresenting the nature, characteristics, ingredients, benefits and qualities of its Chunky Fully Loaded soup products in commercial advertising and promotion.” In English, Hormel is pissed off about Campbell’s referring to its chunky soup as “stew” in its ads and on its labels. This is one of those lawsuits that’s more or less an advertisement—Hormel makes Dinty Moore Stew, and its attorneys might as well be arguing that Campbell’s soup isn’t hearty or delicious enough to be stew, whereas Dinty Moore Stew is, and it’s available in grocery stores nationwide. For Campbell’s sake, I hope they meet the USDA’s strict definition of what stew is, if only so people never waste their time arguing about this topic again.

—Posted by David Kiefaber