Hootsuite’s Great Halloween Ads Try to Calm Your Fears About Social Media

Fun horror-movie parodies

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

It's that time of year again, when we can escape our average selves, don clever costumes and get all hopped up on Fireball shots—I mean, gummy worms. And it's always pretty fun to see what brands do to celebrate, because when they're good, they can be really good.

Social media aggregation site Hootsuite has done itself proud with a great series of horror-movie parody posters, produced in-house. Take a look below and see what happens when scary movies are monster-mashed with social-media themes. (And keep a sharp eye, because two of these are actually sneaky GIFs.)

Via Ads of the World.

Instagram/The Blair Witch Project

Twitter/The Birds


Facebook/The Shining

YouTube/The Ring

LinkedIn/American Psycho

Creative Director: Briony Crane
Designer: Jason Esteban
Copywriter: Evan LePage
Photographer: Alastair Bird
Digital Retoucher: Steve Pinter
Hair, Makeup: Jessica Langedyk, Marie-Helene Babin
Art Director: Briony Crane
Social Strategy: Evan LePage, Jamie Stein, Andy Au

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@maskeroni alfred.maskeroni@adweek.com Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.