HoneyShed cranks out more wacky promos

Droga5’s HoneyShed project is not to everyone’s liking, which may explain why the shop is vying for second place in Adweek’s “most overrated agency” poll. I think it’s too early to say whether the online branded-entertainment channel will work out. But it’s the arty promotional videos that have me utterly befuddled. After a first round late last year, they’ve uploaded another batch to YouTube. There’s one featuring women gyrating in their underwear while messages left on the HoneyShed call-in line are played. Another simply shows one of the HoneyShed hostesses rolling around the floor with kittens. Finally, there’s “HoneyShed Presents: Weng Weng.” It’s a bizarre remake of a scene from The Impossible Kid, a movie made by the Filipino midget martial arts actor Weng Weng, only all the parts are played by women, including one who walks on her knees to imitate Weng Weng. I’m not sure how this is celebrating the sell exactly. I hope Maurice is getting his money’s worth.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey