Honest Tea Recycles Your Facebook Updates for Earth Month

Old messages get reposted, with a green message

How does one promote recycling, which requires actual effort, on Facebook, which has become a storage locker for cat pictures and misspelled political rants? If your answer was, "Allow people to repost their old comment threads alongside a branded message telling people to recycle," then you're probably an evil wizard. Or you work for Honest Tea (or ad agency Amalgamated), which came up with the idea to support Earth Month. The Facebook initiative also involves rewarding people for pledging to recycle more by giving them Recyclebank credits, which can be redeemed at environmentally friendly places like Dunkin' Donuts. Cool idea, guys. Too bad the whole point of online advocacy is displaying vague concern about issues but not doing anything about them. Besides, it's not like pledges are even halfway good at ensuring responsible behavior. Via Co.Create.