Honda Wants You to Stop Using That Damn Pinterest Already

Automaker gives pinners $500 to take a break

Honda is having its Pinterest and eating it, too—with a new campaign that urges top pinners to stop wasting their life already and get outside. Its "Leap List" campaign for the CR-V is all about getting out and living life to the fullest. So, for the Pinterest portion, Honda agency RPA is offering $500 each to the most active pinners (as identified by Mashable) if they'll take a 24-hour break from Pinterest—aka a "Pintermission" (groan)—and actually go out and do stuff they've been pinning about. Each pinner gets a personalized invitation via an @ mention. (Check out some of the invites after the jump.) If they accept, the pinners get $500 immediately and must set up a personal #Pintermission board, on which they are to post photos of their 24-hour Pinterest break. Honda will then repine those photos on its own page. So far, five pinners (traitors!) are on board. RPA also designed some "inspirational" posters (also after the jump) to encourage other pinners to take a Pintermission. The campaign is nicely designed and executed, but somewhat frustrating. If the only way your brand can relate to Pinterest is by dissing it, isn't it disingenuous to build a whole campaign around it?

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.