Honda Teaches You to Speed Read in Three Ads That Go Faster and Faster

Ready to really step on the gas?

Honda teaches you to speed read in a series of ads which—in a nice nod to its vehicles—keep accelerating if you're up for a challenge.

Apps have revolutionized speed read lately by displaying a single word on the screen at a time, one right after another in rapid succession. Partly because this reduces eye movement, these apps help readers not just beat but destroy the average reading pace of 220 words per minute. (Most of the apps default to 250 words a minute to start.)

The Honda campaign, from Wieden + Kennedy in London, uses the same technique—with the on-screen copy that flashes by in a trim, minimalist 40-second spot. A second ad lasts 30 seconds, with the text moving that much quicker. A third and final ad lasts just 20 seconds. (It's kind of a shame there aren't more. I was prepared to see how fast I could really go.)

The three spots combined have more than half a million YouTube views in a couple of days. That's some speedy likes for some speedy reading.

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