Honda taking to the air for a live ad stunt

It’s hard to get people’s attention nowadays, so we should expect—nay, demand—bigger and better advertising stunts, preferably with a whiff of possible carnage. If David Blaine can get millions of eyeballs by holding his breath, why can’t a forlorn brand? Honda seems to agree, and will air a live three-minute spot tonight showing of a bunch of skydivers linking up to spell out “Honda.” (The photo above is from a practice jump.) The experiment, from 4Creative, is part of Honda’s “Difficult is worth doing” push. (BTW, Brits call taglines “straplines”? Never knew.) Scamp likes it so much, he’s ready to award it a Black Pencil immediately. Let’s see if it works out first. I’m still scarred from childhood by Geraldo’s failure to find much in Al Capone’s vault. UPDATE: Honda pulled off its stunt (the ad is now posted above), although the Guardian said the “N” was a little weak.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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