Honda Says If You Can’t Do This While Texting, You Shouldn’t Drive While Texting Either

Phone down, eyes up!

Since April is apparently Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Honda is running a series of short videos called #PhoneDownEyesUp that urge us to respect our own limits when it comes to multi-tasking. 

Each ad suggests that if you can't safely complete minor chores and tasks—like gardening, vacuuming or making pancakes—while texting, you really shouldn't text and drive either. 

It's a fair point, only minimally undercut by the fact that these videos were made to be easily shared on mobile-friendly social media. Honda also made custom lock screens for this campaign, which can be downloaded directly from Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. 

The campaign's target audience is millennials, of course, but we're pretty sure it's not just young people doing this. A parallel campaign for baby boomers that shows them texting during some of their common behaviors—reminiscing about the '60s, writing checks at the grocery store, telling their kids to get "computer" jobs—would raise awareness among another generation known for entitled and selfish behavior. 

Their phones could also offer helpful driving advice, like encouraging them to at least drive the speed limit on the JFX.

More creative from the campaign appears below.


Client: Honda

Agency: RPA

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