Honda Fit for Women Is Pink, Dotted With Hearts, and Even Prevents Wrinkles

Ladies, what's not to love?

Women, if you have a Bic for Her pen handy, you'll want to jot this down. Over in Japan, Honda is making an adorable little version of its Fit compact car that's specially designed for women! How so? Well, first off, the vehicle—called, somewhat awkwardly, the Honda Fit She's—is pink. Also, the apostrophe in the "She's" logo is heart shaped. And finally, best of all, the car comes with something called a "Plasmacluster" A/C system that pumps out specially treated air that improves your skin and prevents wrinkles. Now, you'll never have to leave home without looking your most ravishingly girly, and have the skin to match! The designers say they were going for an "adult cute" aesthetic. In Japan, where the gender gap remains stark, it may be seen that way. In the U.S., which hasn't really had a proper car designed for women since the Dodge LaFemme in the mid-'50s, it would probably be laughed off the road. One saving grace: It wouldn't be for sale on Amazon. Via PSFK.