Home videos to keep out of the ad campaign

Who can blame Eastern Bank for switching ad agencies? The Boston-area bank, which spends about $2 million annually on ads, tapped independent shop Conover Tuttle Pace on Wednesday, following a review. Judging from a quick check of recent headlines, the bank could use an image overhaul, starting with a heavy dose of positive PR. “Eastern Bank Robbed a Third Time” (in Saugus) was bad enough. But the pithy “FBI Looking For Bank Robber Who Wears Celtics Hat” (he knocked over a branch in Malden) hardly counts as a score for the home team. Then there’s the always-popular “Police Searching for Elderly Man Who Allegedly Robbed Bank in Melrose.” And the alleged perp caught on video in the Melrose heist looks freakish. Despite the mania for candid video, the new agency might want to keep such footage out of upcoming campaigns.

—Posted by David Gianatasio