Holy Crap, This Guy Does a Freakin’ Sweet Peter Griffin Impression

Watch Robert Franzese become the Family Guy star

If you've ever watched Fox's animated classic Family Guy, you're familiar with the show's larger-than-life, not-quite-everyman, crass-but-lovable star, Peter Griffin.

Well, this year at New York Comic-Con, Robert Franzese took to the show floor in glasses and green pants, entertaining everyone he encountered with his spot-on impression of the Quahog, R.I., native. 

He explains his experience at the show: "You know what I love the most about New York Comic-Con is the freakin' friends that i see every year. I go to work, and I'm like a nobody—I have a nobody job, making nobody pay—but I go to New York Comic-Con, and people are pulling out phones like I'm freakin' Brad Pitt or some shit. It makes me feel like a million bucks."

Check out the mini-documentary below, and watch out for some of Griffin's infamous catchphrases delivered by this master impressionist. 

Via Daily Dot.

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