Hold your mascot vote, no matter what you’ve read

In case you thought the folks at Advertising Week were turning the yearly vote for America’s favorite ad icon (or Americas’, as you may recall) into a semi-annual mascot-ebration, kindly hold your vote. We thought so briefly this morning while trolling the Business.com headlines. That’s where we found a link to this story and a teaser saying, “Mascots Vie to Be No. 1 Ad Icon.” It must be a technical glitch, as it links to a 2004 story about the first-ever vote and a comatose Yahoo! link about same. So don’t be fooled. As far as we know, the next time you’ll be able to mull the pros and cons of the King vs. Ronald McDonald vs. the Doublemint Twins is later this year, thankfully.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor