Hissing cockroaches brought back to earth

How the mighty have fallen. Madagascar hissing cockroaches made a name for themselves in fashion circles recently by getting all bejeweled and sparkly and decked out and gracing the necks of skinny models as live brooches. Now the bugs are being humiliated in a less glamorous way. As Mack Simpson points out, Six Flags Over Texas is readying a Halloween promotion in which any kid who eats one of these enormous live insects gets a “Flash Pass” allowing him or her to skip to the front of all the lines. Says a Six Flags rep: “We were looking for a way to entertain our true Fright Festers who come to the park in the evenings and are really into the spirit of the event, and we thought ‘Why not a cockroach?’ Besides, it tastes just like chicken.” Mr. Six must be dancing in his grave.

—Posted by Tim Nudd