For hire: the copywriter who can’t write

This has to be a joke. We just received a press release with the headline, “Ohio Woman Launches, A New Writing Business Based on No Previous Writing Experience.” That sounds like a solid business model. The release elaborates: “, a new Web-based business, has recently arrived on the cyber-scene. WriterElf offers standard copywriting and concepting services. What’s different here is that the writer states, unequivocally, that she will be learning as she goes. Kristi Mitchell calls herself an ‘instinctive’ writer and goes on to explain that much of the written material seen these days is ‘cookie-cutter-ish’ in nature, because so many in the writing business have been trained in the same way.” In the next paragraph, Mitchell inadvertently proves her point. “My writing skills are a gift from God,” she says. “I can’t site [sic] any other reason for my abilities beyond that.” The release contains other trouble spots, too. We feel somewhat bad making fun of Kristi, since she seems so eager. Maybe she just needs a partner to help build her confidence. Is there an art director out there who can’t draw?

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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