Hillary Clinton and Her Team Did the Mannequin Challenge as a Fun, Final Reminder to Vote

The viral craze that's sweeping Twitter

The Mannequin Challenge is simple: Get a bunch of people together, have them stand completely motionless in ridiculous fashion, take a video of the whole thing, and share it on social media.

As one last plea to get Americans to vote, Hillary Clinton posted a video early Tuesday of her team performing the challenge on her airplane. The video makes its way through the cabin of the plane, passing aides carrying pizza boxes, media members seeking a quote and a smiling Bill Clinton. It ends with Hillary grinning at a guitar-playing Jon Bon Jovi. 

It ends with a pretty cool tagline: "Don't stand still. Vote today." 

The Twitter craze appears to have started 13 days ago with this video. Since then, it's gone viral, especially among sports teams from the high school, college and even pro levels.