High fashion getting deals with the ‘Devil’

Is satanic endorsement a good thing or a bad thing for a couture group? David Frankel’s screen adaptation of the best-selling novel The Devil Wears Prada showcases some of the grabbiest threads since Diane Keaton stepped out in pleated pants. A catwalk with a storyline—fashion editrix Anna Wintour, I mean Miranda Priestly, pressure-cooks her corn-fed, career-minded assistant—this Faustian tale may not do much for Vogue circulation, but it should make a few cash registers go ka-ching at chic fashion emporia. Once Screenvision provides an in-theater marketing solution to the fashion lust Devil inspires, I’ll see this slinky piffle of an entertainment again, this time for Patricia Field’s costumes. A movie and a maxed-out credit card, now that’s the future of retail therapy.

—Posted by Laura Blum