Hey wait, newspapers are relevant, too!

Naaad_2Not to be outdone by magazines, the Newspaper Association of America is launching a whopping $50 million ad campaign this Monday from The Martin Agency, according to our friends at Editor & Publisher. This Terry Gilliam-ish ad is an example of what you can expect. (Click to enlarge it.) So, let’s analyze it: If a reader of your newspaper is the owner of old carriage with a disembodied hand that likes to raise birds up via a pulley system, then you can help him or her buy a new car as long as it is sheltered by an umbrella. And in case you need further convincing, there’s a fish here to disgorge the tagline: “Newspaper advertising. A destination, not a distraction.” Maybe the fine print’s important; it’s blurry on these mockups. E&P clarifies the NAA’s strategy for us: “The campaign addresses how readers are engaged with not just the core product but with Web sites, niche publications and even podcasts.” Ahhh. There’s further clarity to be found on the NAA’s Web site.

—Posted by Tim Nudd