Hey, everyone! Meet iGuy!

Strangely enough, the theme on AdFreak this morning is squishy anthropomorphic white things. As we raise a glass to the Pillsbury Doughboy on his 40th birthday (see below), we’d also like to introduce you to iGuy, a new iPod holder that lets your digital device actually look like the living being that you privately know it is. (As far as our iPod is concerned, we’re still scratching our heads about that day a few months back when he flat out refused to play Green Day and seemed to have an obsession—which we didn’t share that day—with Pearl Jam.) Anyway, ever since we discovered iGuy yesterday at the iPod Lounge, we’ve been pining for the launch of iGal, and trying to figure out who iGuy most closely resembles. An albino Gumby? Or an albino, headless Teletubby?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor