Hero Worship: Nike Spot Compares Ronaldo to Jesus

What do Ronaldo and Jesus have in common? Worldwide first-name recognition. Hordes of worshippers. And now, thanks to Nike, official abbreviations to mark the eras in history before they arrived and after they left. (Ronaldo isn't dead, but he is retired from soccer, and played his last friendly game for Brazil on Tuesday night.) Jesus already had B.C. and A.D. all locked up, so Nike (via ad agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi) bestows B.R. and A.R. on Ronaldo in the spot below. Quite the deification indeed. Never mind that one's mythology involves a lot of self-sacrifice, while the other's was about kicking a ball down a grass field for fun, and on occasion, chasing transvestite hookers. Don't get us wrong: We love Ronaldo, his sport and profit-driven idolatry in general. But it seems remiss not to point out the difference between being gruesomely martyred and walking off a soccer pitch to swim in piles of cash and pursue a joint marketing venture with WPP. More like Satan's work than the Lord's, no? Via Creative Criminals.