Here’s What Happens When Stoners Try Actual Coffee at an Amsterdam Coffee Shop

Moyee's very special taste test

Amsterdam is known for its famous "coffee shops," but coffee is not the main attraction. Amsterdam-based coffee brand Moyee hopes to change that—and make the city better known for coffee as well. But it can't avoid the pervasive influence of that other mind-altering substance entirely.

So, with help from 180 Amsterdam, it orchestrated a special taste test. Cannabis is said to heighten one's senses of taste and smell, so it had real people (not actors) try its coffee—while under the influence.

Their reactions are colorful indeed. Check out the results below.


Client: Moyee Coffee

Founder: Guido van Staveren van Dijk

Creative Director: John Weich

Agency: 180 Amsterdam

President, Chief Creative Officer: Al Moseley

Creative Director: Martin Beswick

Art Director: Stephane Lecoq

Junior Copywriter: Ben Langeveld

Junior Art Director: Ingmar Larsen

Account Team: Dan Colgan

Producer: Claire Ford

Assistant Producer: Davide Janssen

Strategy Team: Paul Chauvin, Vincent Johnson

Director: Tobias Pekelharing

Executive Producer: Daphne Story

Editor: Fiona Fuchs

Postproduction: MPC Amsterdam

Audio Postproduction: Wave Amsterdam

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