Here’s One Funny Ad You Really Need to Watch on #ADayWithoutAWoman

The strike from the feline perspective

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. It’s also A Day Without a Woman, a strike organized by the group behind the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., to “act together for equity, justice and human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people, through a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity.”

But what does that actually look like? This 60-second spot below takes a lighthearted approach, showing all sorts of women and all sorts of self-care.

Of course, showing a bunch of women holding cats, and taking them with them wherever they go, could read as a weird message. Is this a dig at cat ladies? But ultimately, the tagline makes perfect sense and the visual gag is kind of lovely.

“This message is brought to you by a group of passionate creative people who feel strongly that women’s rights are human rights and support the strike scheduled for International Women’s Day,” wrote executive producer Lisa Goore in an email. “We believe in using our powers for good and support the efforts of every group trying to make the world a safer and more equitable place for women and girls.” 

Added Goore: “P.S.: We also think it’s high time women reclaim the power of a certain word for themselves.”


Agency: Invisible Man
Writer: Rachel Howald
Director: Kiran
Executive Producer: Lisa Goore
Executive Producers: Steve Wi/Phyllis Koenig
Head of Production: Anne Vega
Assistant Producer: Harrison Polo
Producer: Adam Wiesner
DP: Eric Zimmerman
1st AD: Lily Garcia-Peuckert
Make Up/Hair: Gabriela Banda
Casting: House Casting

Company – No6/LA
Editor  – Lauren Brown
Producer- Michelle Dorsch

Company – MPC/LA
Colorist – Kristopher Smale
Producer – Rebecca Boorsma
Assoc. Producer – Elyse Robinson
Exec. Producer – Meghan Lang

Post Production:
Company – Autonomous
Artist – Andy Bate

Music & Mix:
Company – Barking Owl
Creative Director – Kelly Bayett
Inspiration: Sara Patterson