Here’s an Ad That Should Inspire Entrepreneurs Everywhere to Get Their Act Together

Fiverr's rallying cry to put ideas in motion

A business idea is all good and well, but a new ad from freelance marketplace Fiverr—the company's first brand campaign—is putting the emphasis on the actual doing part.

The rapid-fire montage, created by DCX, follows entrepreneurs as they hustle their way to the top of their game with services brokered through the website, which lets users source help with tasks ranging from logo design to voiceovers and coding.

One woman video conferences with China from a nightclub bathroom. Another takes a chainsaw to a conference room whiteboard. A third checks her email during sex—without bothering to stop.

The enemy is establishment privilege—trust fund kids, obnoxious tech bros, investors who are literally sharks in suits—but even more so, it is complacency. "In doers we trust," declares the tagline, which also appears across billboards with headlines like, "Dreamers, kindly step aside."

It's an engaging approach, even if some of the cracks are a bit obvious (Segways are low hanging fruit on the comedy tree) -or broad (the Grim Reaper looming in the elevator is a great image, but death is a distracting bogeyman to cram into a focused sales pitch).

In fact, Fiverr's selling point—low-cost solutions—may get a bit lost in the ad's dance with the zeitgeist, and its commitment to bravado. Then again, if it nails the psychology of its target, that's selling point enough. 

Check out print/OOH work and a BTS video below. The print work was shot by Platon, the photographer behind well-know portraits of President Obama, George Clooney and Edward Snowden.

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