Here’s a guy we want making the decisions

The Idaho elections are less than two months away, and one gubernatorial candidate has decided that making sparsely attended public speeches and annoying people at county fairs isn’t enough. What’s required is a truly inane, feeble-minded stunt. Thus, Marvin Richardson, an Emmett strawberry farmer, has legally changed his middle name to Pro-Life, and then dropped both his first and last names to circumvent laws designed to keep political issues off the ballot itself. “My name being Pro-Life … will save a number of babies by the time I die,” he tells reporters, adding, “I’m not a nutty kind of person at all.” Pro-Life plans to run for office every two years; in 2008, he will run for the U.S. Senate—unless, of course, his family intervenes. Pro-Life also tells reporters that “my wife, she’s not into calling me Pro-Life yet.” We can’t imagine why.

—Posted by David Kiefaber