HERB the Robot Separates Oreo Before Turning on His Creators

Last of four spots in W+K's quirky miniseries

For the fourth and final Oreo Separators video, Wieden + Kennedy got a nonhuman to separate the Oreo cookie from its creme. Say hello to HERB (short for "home exploring robotic butler"), a robot built by scientists at Carnegie Mellon. After some trial and error, HERB is given an algorithm that allows him to perform the task fairly well—impressive, given that he can't even pronounce "Oreo" properly. (And what's with the British accent? You're from Pittsburgh.) More ominously, HERB displays some anti-social tendencies here, including being quite argumentative when it comes to his "precious creme." He's not quite HAL-like yet, but I wouldn't let him hold that giant knife in the future.