With Help From His Friends, Warren Ellis Gets Spiffy Trailer for New Novel

Ben Templesmith, Wil Wheaton lend a hand

In case you haven't been paying attention, books now need video trailers. And they're getting to be extensive affairs, like this excellent one for Warren Ellis's new novel, Gun Machine. Ellis made his name as a comic-book writer, so it makes sense that this trailer is animated by renowned comic illustrator Ben Templesmith, who has worked with Ellis before on a great little series called Fell. If that isn't enough nerd cred, an excerpt from the book is read in voiceover by professional geek and actor Wil Wheaton. Why do a trailer when the book—from an established writer with an established audience—is already being adapted for television? I suppose because it's the thing to do now. And even Warren Ellis, who most of time sounds like he'd like to beat the media and marketing establishment about the head and shoulders with his cane, isn't immune to fashion. Via Boing Boing.