Help the Gloved One Moonwalk Into Eternity


This week in Michael Jackson tributes, a serious contender for the hearts and minds of fans has emerged in Studio Brussels’ Eternal Moonwalk. Head over to the site to watch thousands of people moonwalk, one after the other, in an eternal tribute loop complete with little Michael Jackson screams. With 7,000 videos submitted already, the little site has got the blogosphere jiving and CNN taking note. This might just be a full blown phenomenon. Want to submit your own? Right to left for 10 seconds, and maybe figure out how to do it right first. The whole thing was thought up by ad agency Mortierbrigade who just won a 2009 Bronze Lion for some other rather shitty work they did for Studio Brussels (seriously, it’s called the Sit Shit). I wouldn’t be surprised if they get something for the Moonwalk too. A simple idea, with a sweet execution, comforting fans by reminding them that even though MJ may be gone, his moonwalk will be with us for eternity. Or at least until you get sick of the looping background track.