HelloFlo’s Creative Team Is Back With an Ad About a ‘Fitbit for Your Vag’

More ladyparts humor for PeriCoach

From HelloFlo founder Naama Bloom and writer Sara Saedi (who penned HelloFlo spots "Postpartum: The Musical" and "The Period Fairy") comes another quirky, humorous look into the anonymous world of ladyparts problems.

Despite the fact that one in three women will suffer from bladder leakage in their lifetime, it's one of those embarrassing subjects—like periods—that few people and even fewer advertisements like to talk about. By taking a humorous approach to a humiliating issue and allowing the target to laugh at the ad, and at themselves, the HelloFlo creative team has become a sort of pioneer in unmentionable lady's health issues.

In this spot, for a product called the PeriCoach, we're thrust into a meeting of Leakers Anonymous—a support group for ladies with bladder issues. Together, they admit their incontinence troubles, and then, out of the leaky darkness, their savior appears, replete with British accent and capable of laughing without peeing herself. She has been to the land of continence and returned with a PeriCoach, which, she explains in an immortal line, is "like a Fitbit for you vag."

That's right, if you're crappy at Kegels (the pelvic floor exercises you're supposed to do to tone your vag and get rid of incontinence), the PeriCoach will tell you what you're doing wrong. It'll also connect to your smartphone and give you reminders about when to train your vagina. About the only thing it won't do is vibrate.

Of course, if the PeriCoach and its smartphone reminders aren't motivating enough, you can go back and watch this video and forward to 0:54, where the mother of twins lifts her skirt to show off her padded granny panties. I'll admit that the entire time I wrote this, I was Kegeling in sheer terror.


Production Company: Senza Pictures

Writer: Sara Saedi

Producer: Brandi Savitt

Casting: Wulf Casting

Music: Flavor Lab

Creative Advisor: Naama Bloom


Beth: Susan Pasquantonio

Jane: Camile Theobald

Samantha: Leah Curney

Emily: Dana Gartland

Leaker #1: Daphne Bowers

Leaker #2: Oiaohong Zhu

Leaker #3: Polly Kreisman

Leaker #4: Rose Cordova


Director of Photography: Kip Bogdahn

Editor: David Fishel

Art Director, Costumes: Ally Nesmith

Sound Mixer: Wil Masisak

First Assistant Director: Lenny Payan

Production Coordinator: Julia Brady

Hair, Makeup: Kristen Alimena

Assistant Hair, Makeup: Lauren Citera

Script Supervisor: Zaïri Malcolm

Gaffer: G.T. Womack

Key Grip: Ben Hunt

Dolly Grip: Jim Tripp

Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Theis

Assistant Camera: Nate Slevin

Boom Operator: Matt King

Assistant Art Director: Nelson Mestril

Production Assistants: Jordan Floyd, Eric Cruz