He’ll Think About Your Product for $10,000

Thinker I’ve heard it said that one man’s innovation is another man’s gimmick, but Floyd Hayes, the man behind “thoughtvertising,” is attempting both at once. Should you hire him, he pledges to think really hard about your product once each hour for a week, in exchange for $10,000. Before you join me in checking his head for scars, it should be noted that some of his other “unconventional” ideas have gotten plenty of attention. Cadbury Adams paid him to yell about Halls Fruit Breezers through a megaphone in public (“voicevertising”), and he projected an image of a naked woman on the British Houses of Parliament for FHM (“sexvertising”? I dunno). He’s like a momentarily useful Tom Green. Which is all well and good, but I’d prefer seeing his talents used outside the ad biz. I mean, I think about dragons and money trees all the time, but it must take a brain pregnant with marketing genius like Floyd’s to bring them into physical form. He should get on that.