Hell hath no fury like a model made to look foolish on a billboard

SpamalotLeave it to a model to sue a marketer because her facial expression on a billboard is “foolish, unnatural and undignified.” Carla Collins, 24, a Botswana-born model, blew the camera a kiss after a photo shoot in South Africa last year. The image eventually made it onto a Spamalot ad on the side of the Schubert Theatre in New York, allegedly without Collins’ permission, and now she’s suing. “Defendants’ use of Carla’s likeness depicts [her] in a foolish, unnatural and undignified manner, and tends to hold her up to public ridicule and contempt,” the suit states, according to the New York Post. It calls the use of the image “shameful, willful, malicious and unlawful” and claims it has greatly damaged Collins’ career and caused her “great anxiety of mind, humiliation and mortification.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd