Heinz ketchup ads do fine without the bottle

This Heinz spot from AMV BBDO in London is right about one thing: Holding an invisible glass bottle upside down while you pretend to slap the bottom of it is indeed the international sign for ketchup. Heinz ketchup, in particular. The fact that they can replace the product with the motion of using it, and still get the point across, doesn't even do justice to just how ubiquitous the brand is. A combination bet made up of 57 individual bets is called a Heinz (after the "57 Varieties" slogan), and mixed-breed dogs are often referred to as Heinz dogs because of their complicated lineage. But I suppose a little slow-motion poetry makes for a better ad than listing a bunch of arcane Heinz trivia. It's certainly better than depicting violent infighting among Heinz products.

—Posted by David Kiefaber