Heineken Plays Second Game of Departure Roulette With People Who Tweeted About the First One

W+K's surprising sequel

Heineken and Wieden + Kennedy in New York revisit the concept of unscheduled trips in this sequel to their popular Departure Roulette stunt. That effort, from the summer, dared JFK travelers to ditch their plans and immediately fly to more exotic locales chosen at random by pushing a button. For the follow-up, the brand made surprise visits to people who had tweeted during the earlier campaign that they would want to try Departure Roulette—and let them do so.

In the sequel video, camera crews confront unsuspecting tweeters at their front doors, at work and on the sidewalk, with the big green Departure Roulette board in tow. The board becomes something of an actor in the drama, popping up behind tweeters during interviews and suddenly appearing around street corners. It's creepy and goofy at the same time, keeping the subjects off balance but generally adding to the fun. And there's an amusing bit halfway through the three-minute clip in which a brand ambassador knocks on a person's apartment door and calls out, "You're totally gonna miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" A neighbor steps into the hall to see what the commotion is about, takes in the scene with the lights and cameras, and quickly retreats back inside.

One guy who wins a trip to Bucharest seems less than stoked. "Romania … OK. I'll go to Romania. I guess." Maybe he was hoping for Budapest. Other destinations include Marrakesh, Morocco; Reykjavík, Iceland; Seoul, South Korea; and Panama City. As with the original Departure Roulette, the sequel is designed to capture Heineken's bold, adventurous spirit. Personally, I prefer Tui Brewery's approach to stunt marketing. They pump beer through your pipes so you can take off without ever leaving home.

Credits below.


Client: Heineken

Project: Departure Roulette

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York

Executive Creative Directors: Scott Vitrone, Ian Reichenthal, Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy

Creative Directors: Erik Norin, Eric Steele

Copywriter: Will Binder

Art Director: Jared White

Executive Producer: Nick Setounski

Assistant Producer: Kristen Johnson

Account Team: Patrick Cahill, Jacqueline Ventura, Sydney Lopes

Social Strategist: Jessica Abercrombie

Project Manager: Rayna Lucier

Community Managers: Mike Vitiello, Rocio Urena

Director of Interactive Production: Brandon Kaplan

Head of Integrated Production: Lora Schulson

Business Affairs: Sara Jagielski, Lisa Quintela, Quentin Perry

Global Travel Director: Colleen Baker

Lead, Senior Travel Consultant: Angela Wootan

Senior Travel Consultant: Joelle Wainwright

Production Company: Legs Media

Director: Dan Levin

Executive Producer: Tom Berendsen

Line Producer: Sara Greco

Postproduction Company: Joint Editorial

Senior Producer: Michelle Carman

Editor: Jon Steffanson

Assistant Editors: Stephen Nelson, Noah Poole, Brian Schimpf

Motion Graphics Director: Yui Uchida

Information Display System Fabricator: Solari Corp.

Design and Build Team: The Guild

Audio Company: The Lodge

Audio Mixer: John Northcraft

Color: Nice Shoes

Colorist: Danny Boccia

Producer: Melissa Dupre

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