Hegarty gives audio tour for Johnnie Walker

BBH London has posted a series of "audio walks" on the Johnnie Walker Web site, in which folks like Richard Branson, Ranulph Fiennes and, yes, John Hegarty are heard ruminating about life and work while walking around places that mean something profound to them, personally or professionally. In the clip above, BBH founder Hegarty strolls through Carnaby Street and Soho in London, recapping his career. He covers lots of ground—why he was petulant and angry as a young creative, his advertising philosophy now, the interplay between inspiration and fear, what he learned about business from playing tennis, etc. The best moment comes early on, when he talks about his early days at Benton & Bowles. Told that he's being paired with some guy named Charles Saatchi, Hegarty despairs at the very sound of the name. He recalls thinking: "Charles Saatchi? He's obviously Italian, he lives at home with Mum, and he can't spell. Just my bloody luck. Anyway, I was right on two of them, but not on the third. He did live at home with Mum, he couldn't spell, but he wasn't Italian."

—Posted by Tim Nudd