Hefty Is Now Sexing Up Garbage Men

Trash hunks join ranks of Liquid-Plumr and Zesty Guy

Following the trend of hunky men peddling not-so-hunky products (like Liquid-Plumr and Kraft salad dressing) is Hefty with its new "Ultimate Garbage Men" commercial.

In the spot by Havas Worldwide Chicago, super sexy garbage men in tight shirts drop all sorts of weird innuendos that make zero sense when discussing garbage bags. However, the presence of an actually hefty garbage man makes the spot kind of funny. Or at least funny enough to excuse the phrase, "And that gripping drawstring? So tight." Unfortunately, there's no redeeming the housewife making awkward expressions of arousal. Check out the credits after the jump.


Agency: Havas Worldwide Chicago

Chief Creative Officer, President: Jason Peterson

Creative Director: Ecole Weinstein

Art Director: Cam Giblin

Copywriter: Tom Houser

Executive Producer: David Evans

Producer: Joe Tipre

Business Manager: Bonnie Hamilton

Account Director: Vicky Runyon

Senior Account Executive: Lindsey Cohen

Assistant Account Executive: Christina Banuelos

Production Company: BRW

Director: Matthew Pollock

Executive Producer: Peter Trucco

Producer: Hope Dotson

Directors of Photography: John Lindley

Edit House: Beast Chicago

Editorial Executive Producer: Peter Hullinger

Editorial Producer: Kendall Fash

Editors: Jim Ulbrich, Sean Berringer

Assistant Editor: Mark Sheridan

Mixer: Todd Beee

VFX: Method Studios, Chicago

VFX Producer: Erica Hilbert 

Color: Company 3, Chicago

Music Production Company: duotone audio group

Music Executive Producer: David Leinheardt

Music Producer: Lissa Farquhar

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.