Heavy thoughts about that Bud Light ad

If AdFreak were ever to have a mission statement (doubtful), it would definitely include a line about how we must completely overdo coverage of the Super Bowl. Thus, here’s our second post in two days about the Bud Light Super Bowl ad that was intended to make fun of Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction.”

It occurred to us, after we’d read about Anheuser-Busch deciding not to broadcast the thing, that increasingly, there’s virtually no downside to not airing an already-produced commercial. Used to be that advertisers merely benefited from the publicity that accompanied having a spot pulled. Now you can pull your spot and air it, too—online. Pretty funny to go to the Bud site yesterday and see the company reveling in its little piece of ad contraband: “Exclusive: See the Ad You Won’t See During the Big Game,” the site shouts. (And of course, once you click, there’s the obligatory suggestion that you send it to a friend.) We bet this ad could have recall as high as any Bud ad that actually airs on the Super Bowl.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor