Hear from the drunken idiots in MADD’s ads

Self-conscious cheapness and intentional irony do not always a good campaign make. Such is the case with this well-intentioned but off-target campaign for Mothers Against Drunk Driving from TBWA\Toronto and Holiday Films director Adam Massey. See four spots here. The cheap-jack Stayin' on the Road talk-show setup feels forced. The guests' "tips" on how to successfully drive drunk—taking underused back roads and always driving in a straight line no matter what—are, of course, ludicrous. But the bland presentation doesn't make them sound nearly dangerous enough, and they almost seem like serious suggestions. Now, if the guests had been realistic and unsettlingly rendered corpses explaining their strategies—OMG, then we'd have PSAs to reckon with! Still, Iggy Pop should watch these ads. With Lord knows what racing through his system, he should probably just hand the wheel to the other dummy in the car.

—Posted by David Gianatasio