He’ll get you coffee, or maybe a Diet Coke

Emboldened by their frightening ability to cause bottles of Diet Coke to explode (what the hell are they coated with anyway, and should we be ingesting it?), Mentos fresh mints have a new viral campaign out featuring Trevor the Mentos Intern. He basically just sits there responding to visitors’ IM questions. You can also adjust his schedule (apparently he’ll proofread term papers and prank your friends), give him performance reviews (under the heading “Hate Me”), and read his short bio, which informs us that he’s from Kentucky and did a lot of Civil War re-enacting as a kid. Neither of those are things I’d admit publicly, but he’s an intern, so he’s no stranger to humiliation and ridicule. Speaking of, I’d better add to his workload and order him to find me the Foo Fighters video for “Big Me.” He’ll know why when he sees it.

—Posted by David Kiefaber