Have we misjudged Bud Pong?

Bud_pong_2In calling for a more civilized, possibly even water-centric version of beer pong, could Anheuser-Busch actually have been honoring the sport’s age-old traditions? Judging by this brief history of beer pong on the Dartmouth campus, it seems possible. Here’s an excerpt: “Alums who watched the fast-paced style develop frowned as certain fraternities began to arc, or lob, the ball back and forth in the late 1970s. Alumni on the whole appear disheartened and sometimes disturbed by today’s common shrub and tree formations [of the cups]. They miss their two-cup formations and have trouble grasping a game in which so many beers are consumed at one time.” Maybe you can play beer pong (or Bud Pong) without getting completely sauced.

—Posted by Tim Nudd