Has This Creepy Guy From Mother New York Been Stalking Your LinkedIn Profile?

He may have a good excuse

Have you noticed a man named Donald Buscando looking at your LinkedIn profile?

You'd remember him. He's wearing a beige turtleneck that somehow accentuates his eerily white teeth and his hair, which is reminiscent of Robert Cornelius (you know, the guy that took the alleged first selfie ever).

Well, it seems Buscando is a faux executive—part of a tongue-in-cheek effort by Mother New York to recruit interns for its summer program. Mother is identifying potential interns and having "Donald" stalk them on LinkedIn, which is easier than ever thanks to the site's newly souped-up "Who's viewed your profile?" section.

Mother explains Donald's approach this way: "Using the advanced search feature of LinkedIn, he sources the profiles of the best students in the world by filtering by school, specialty and using power keywords like 'Alpha' and 'Pintegrated.' Based on these criteria, Donald identifies the best students and clicks on their profiles over and over again."

Donald's own LinkedIn page is treasure trove of odd, too. He writes:

I spent a few hours on your profile looking deep into the soul of your business-related online identity. From what I saw, you should apply.

Are you a copywriter or art director? I've closely examined your portfolios and you should apply.

Are you a designer? You have beautiful bezier curves. You should apply.

Are you a strategist looking deep into what makes people tick? Yes. You should apply, too.

Do you want to work in the shop? Don't know what that is? Sounds like you should apply.

Are you a producer who makes things happen? I've seen your profile and yes you are. Yes, apply.

There also the video below. You can go to mothernewyork.com/opportunity to apply.

"Tonally this is nothing unusual for us," Mother founding partner Paul Malmstrom tells AdFreak. "We thought it'd be a fun way of learning about the program and give a sense of what it's like to work here."