Hard-Hitting PSA Shows British Boys What Rape Looks Like

RCKR/Y&R spot based on shocking research

The U.K.'s Home Office and RCKR/Y&R teamed up for an ad campaign to educate British teenagers on what constitutes rape, since apparently most of them have no idea. The spot doesn't pull many punches, asking teens, "If you could see yourself, would you see rape?" The companion video features short interviews with a Home Office rep, an ad agency spokesman, and one of the actors, who gently but repeatedly reinforce the idea that boys don't understand the limits of aggressive sexual behavior and girls need the self-confidence to say no to unwanted sexual pressure. According to the Telegraph, research suggests that "33 per cent of teenage girls and 16 per cent of boys … have experienced some form of sexual violence from a boyfriend or girlfriend," so the concern is more than warranted. It's also a bad sign, I think, that many of the online reports about this campaign have comments disabled.

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