Happy-hour drink ideas for your Friday

So Wired has a kind of cool story for a Friday. Titled “Better Drinking Through Chemistry,” it talks about how bartenders are tapping into “molecular mixology, using food science principles and laboratory techniques to develop off-the-wall flavor combinations and surprising textures.” (You try explaining that without pulling a direct quote.) My favorite was “dehydrated rum and coke” which calls for ½ teaspoon of cola-flavored Pop Rocks and ¼ teaspoon of powdered rum, which are then mixed and served on a demitasse spoon. The recipe, such as it is, says that cola-flavored Pop Rocks would have to be shipped in from Japan, which seems a long way to travel to make ¾ of a teaspoon worth of “drink.” But then I discovered that cherry cola flavored Pop Rocks were featured at the All Candy Expo this year (pictured above). Now, if I can just find some powdered rum.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor