Is Happiness a Warm Gun? Then You Need a Gun Snuggler!

Parody product now really for sale

The defictionalized product of the day is the Gun Snuggler. What started out as an Internet joke about the eccentricities of gun ownership has now become an actual holiday gift, allowing you to enjoy the happiness that is a warm gun. It's like a Snuggie, for your gun, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes for any gun you might legally own. It's created and sold by Guns and Gardens, a zombie-apocalypse outfitter that also produces the self-proclaimed No. 1 video zombie series on YouTube. Guns and Gardens pimps a lot of fictional zombie products from the Ghetto Ghilli suit to the Zombie Survival vehicle. But the Gun Snuggler is surely the perfect holiday gift for any gun-toting lunatic you know!

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