Hanging Image Dooms Halloween Billboards in Pittsburgh

Haunted Hayloft kills ads

When Halloween advertiser the Haunted Hayloft put up a creepy billboard on Pittsburgh's north side this month, it probably figured no one would say boo. But residents in the mostly black neighborhood took exception to the silhouetted image of a person hanging from a noose, and scared the Hayloft enough to take action. Some 70 signs in the area tout the Hayloft's seasonal re-enactment of a double hanging that took place in Pennsylvania's Somerset County about 120 years ago. But despite the black-and-orange colors, protesters say the ad on Perrysville Ave. is more trick than treat. "I know that billboard is not representing Halloween and it's in a neighborhood that is 99 percent black—right in front of housing project … I think it's offensive," Brandon Humphrey told a local TV station. The client is deep-sixing the entire $10,000 campaign.